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Leslie Brown

The church is not supposed to be a “haven for saints”, it is to be a “hospital for sinners”; and *NEWSFLASH*, we’re ALL sinners.

Pastor’s wife Erin Stevens of Nashville, Tennessee fasted for 21 days seeking God’s wisdom as to how, and whom, to minister to.  She was called to minister to strippers.

Taking no Bibles or tracts with her, just home-cooked meals and donated gifts, she provides an outreach with no judgement, condemnation or strings attached; just love to employees of a strip club. The manager of the strip club gave Erin permission to come once a month, then he gave her permission to come more often.

One of the girls asked Erin, “Why?” when given a gift.  Erin replied, “You’re valuable to God and you’re valuable to me”.  We can “unhyphenate” according to race or skin color, we also need to “unhyphenate” between “sinners” and “not sinners”, because we’re all the former, not the latter.


erin stevens


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