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Walla Walla Wah! Wah!

Leslie Brown

In eerily similarity to Toyota’s Corporate U.S. office moving from California to Texas, Microsoft Corporation tells Seattle and the rest of Washington state  “See ya”, and heads for the “Bob and Marge” land of Des Moines Iowa. Coincidence?

Being that meany-pants evil corporations like Toyota and Microsoft like to actually make a profit, they’re picking up their business and moving to more business friendly climates. Somehow Democrats have not gotten the memo to “Subsidize what you want more of, and tax what you want less of”.

So, with tax incentives that let the evil corporations keep more of their own money in both Texas and Iowa it’s like the “Westward Ho!” phenomenon of old, only in reverse.

From the Seattle Times:

“Of course there are many factors that go into that sort of decision – availability of a skilled workforce, the local business climate, proximity to markets. But the key thing is that Iowa economic development officials went after the business, says DeLee Shoemaker, Microsoft’s senior director for state government affairs. “Our concern is that a failure to offer tax incentives to encourage technology investments in this state is making Washington uncompetitive for future siting decisions by Microsoft and other technology-based employers.’”

Walla Walla Washington is known for their onions; thank to liberals it looks like they’ve got something else to make them cry.


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