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Guess What Grew in a Liberal Petri Dish?

Leslie Brown

One could easily argue that California is pretty much a “mecca” of liberalism with Hollywood being the pinnacle; but not everyone from California is a liberal.

Let’s look at some arguably “liberal” notions: permissive parenting, lack of moral compass, and lack of respect for human life.

Now, marinade that with over-indulgence, a brand new B.M.W., flying first-class, private concerts, a steady diet of movies promoting casual sex, and lots of it.

Granted mental illness is part of the sad picture, but rules for children are the “guard rails” that keep them from running off the bridge. They also make children feel safe and cared for.. not so with overindulgence.

When the “world is your oyster”, you are surrounded by a narcissistic culture and you feel “entitled” to premarital sex, what could possibly go wrong?  I’m referring to the 2014 tragic, mass murder of six, by 22 year old Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara.  One half of the victims were killed by knifing, but I have yet to hear a word uttered by the media calling for knife control.

I’m no fan of “Entertainment Tonight”, in fact we don’t even have television in my house, but the video below sadly illustrates the shallow self-absorption this young man had. That, and apparently, nothing else.

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