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Is This Any Way to Treat Heroes?

Leslie Brown

My husband has had to work a lot lately, so as a spouse and “the other half”, I visited a veteran from our church who is in the hospital for him.  It’s not easy to watch a grown man cry.

As I talked to this man of honor and integrity who risked his life for our country, we ended up on the subject of the current V.A. scandal. His eyes welled up at the thought.  I’m an Army brat, married to a Marine, and descended from a Revolutionary War soldier.  Does that give me some “special powers of patriotism”?  It shouldn’t.  We should all believe that those who risked life and limb are entitled, yes, ENTITLED to the very best healthcare.

Justice delayed is justice denied… delayed can mean death.

In our nation’s pursuit of idiotic egalitarian multiculturism which began in the 1960’s, legal citizens who bled for our nation are often relegated to the “end of the line” for healthcare while Brown University’s student insurance now covers sex-change operations and we offer free healthcare for illegal immigrants. I’m MAD. Are you? And with all due respect, if you voted for Obamacare, are you nuts? Have you not heard about the V.A. even before the latest scandal?

The current administration is supposedly finding out about the current V.A. scandal just like they find out about everything else….”from the media”.  Well, guess what, there’s evidence otherwise, and in the words of our “Commander in Chief”, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are those people with something to hide.”

To read more about how another country knows more about what is going on in OUR country than our current administration, click below:

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