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boston hugger
Leslie Brown

Ken Nwadike failed to qualify for the Boston Marathon by a mere 23 seconds, but he didn’t let that stop him from spreading joy, encouragement and love to fellow runners though!

This video just made me beam from ear-to-ear!  I’m a former marathon runner, although I am as slow as molasses and could never qualify for an elite race such as the Boston. Not only did Nwadike not stay home feeling sorry for himself, he hugged a bunch of gamey, stinky, strangers!  Trust me, running 26.2 miles will put some stink on a person!

Ken is part of the running world as the director of the Hollywood Half Marathon.  A camera focused on Ken catches runners in this elite race even stopping and turning around to receive a hug.  Joy radiates from the runner’s faces as they run over to Ken and his open arms draw both men and women. Watching this video is just a little slice of heaven and shows the unity which can exist in our exceptional nation especially after last year’s tragedy.

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