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Obama popularity measured in his income

Christopher Harris

According the President’s 2013 tax statements, his self-employment income from his three books plummeted from $258,722 in 2012 to $104,000 in 2013. His total taxable income for the year was $333,329.

Yet they still managed to spend $50 million in vacations. That’s budgeting!

In what is the best indicator of Obama’s real popularity, look at the income drops

  • 2009: $5.5 million
  • 2010 $1.73 million
  • 2011 $790,000
  • 2012  $608,611

Talk about a fall from grace. From $5.5 million to $608K in just a few years. Lucky for the Obama, they have the taxpayers to make up the difference.

Don’t expect the Obama’s to tighten their belt, as budgeting is for “ordinary Americans,” and not the elite.


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