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Will Holder be hit by a “Cruz” missile?

Christopher Harris

Will the situation with Lois Lerner force Attorney General’s hand? Holder is in the sights of Senator Ted Cruz, and could be hit by a “Cruz missile.”

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee recently passed a resolution calling on the whole House of Representatives to vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Ms. Lerner is the former a former IRS official who headed an IRS division that reviews applications for tax exemption. Her division is accused of spear-heading a partisan effort to target Conservative leaning organizations for tax-audits, and declining their applications for tax exempt status.

Holder hasn’t prosecuted anybody in the Obama administration, and Lord knows he’s had plenty of opportunities.

You’d think that Holder would be playing nice with Republicans, since he is currently in contempt of Congress. Further, most of these scandals point right back at Holder and Obama, so currying a bit of favor would be a good idea, that is if you think you aren’t above the law.

In a move that’s certain to get under the thin light-brown skin of Holder, GOP Senators like Rand Paul (KY), Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT)  are saying that Holder should issue a formal apology to Congress.

Senator Cruz went on to say that if Holder continues to refuse the demands of Congress to indict Lois Lerner, then its time for him to resign.

Is Holder about to get a “Cruz” missile up his butt? He certainly would deserve it. Get him, Ted!


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