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Man Gives $400,000 Home to Homeless Single Mother for One Year

J. DuVal

Fifty One year old Tony Tolbert is now living with his mother. At fifty One, shouldn’t you be more established in life?

Not so fast…Tony loaned his home, worth almost half a million dollars, to a single mother and her children for the next year. They are now out of the homeless shelter and living rent free in a beautiful home while they get back on their feet.

This is what America is all about.

Read Tony and Felicia here:

Could you do the same?


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  1. Patricia C. Graef

    Now then, I doubt he's a liberal, cause his heart is for helping others without a return… Praise God for another true American, may he be know as our next hero for Americans.

  2. Robert

    True Charity is given by the least likely, in the largest amounts with expectations of results; not at the end of a gun (tax code)!

  3. Anna Ogilvie

    Why he did not transform the house into a shelter and more people could share it.

  4. Violet Weed

    I 'could' do the same, but I would not. I don't 'do' handouts, because I've been living on my own since the age of 12. If he really wanted to help, he would have rented her a small apartment and paid the rent for a year. 'Loaning' a house for a year would not sit well with me. What's his motivation? Did his mom need his help, too? Sounds a tad freaky to me. Also, the IRS has now read this story and what do you BET they will 'fine' that 'mom' with taxes and penalties if she doesn't declare the 'rent-free' house as INCOME. Wait and see! The USA is gestapo-led country, nowadays.

  5. mary

    bless your heart

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