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December 7, 1869

K. Jackson

Frederick Douglas said the following in his speech delivered 143 years ago today:


“Our Composite Nation.”

Douglass responded to the question of whether the United States is better or worse because of the different races within the country.
“The mission of the United States is unmistakable. Our geographic position, our fundamental principles of government, our vast resources, and our composite population all conspire to one grand end.”

“And that is to make us the perfect national illustration of unity and dignity of the human family the world has ever seen.”

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  1. weisner

    If only our president would pay attention to the words of great men and avoid the failures of populism. My hope is that we as a nation survive this Obama and his officers, appointments and abominations. The only racism I have seen has been at the hands of the politicians that claim to want to fix everything by legislation. Mr. Douglass was right and it is my sincere hope that our "grand end" is just the beginning.

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