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Fight for English as our national language

K. Jackson

Should Americans learn other languages, sure. But if you live in America you should speak English. Join our petition to make English the official American language

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  1. Cynthia

    I agree that learning as much as you can enhances what you bring to the stage of life and probably your enjoyment of life. However, I would not expect to find billboards in English when visiting or moving to Spain or Russia or Iraq.

    When I can't read the billboards in my own country something is definitely wrong! When I can't understand the cab driver in New York or Miami of San Francisco and have no confidence that he understands me, there's a problem.

    Consider how many different languages Americans would be expected to learn, just to use a taxi, or purchase food or check into a hotel. We have people of all nationalities living and working in this country. Seriously! Where would it end?! Just imagine your local grocery store and food packaging attempting to accommodate all the languages of the world?

    Tolerance for diversity, culture and religion is the foundation of this country, but there should be an understanding of the need for a common language. Consider the people of other countries who take pride in being able to do business in English as well as other languages.

    Although other explorers did come here before the English arrived at Plymouth Rock, it was English-speaking people who came to these shores and started this country and created a land of opportunity for others who wanted the freedoms offered here; English was their chosen language. It's worked fine for a couple hundred years and I believe it should be the language of America today and forever!

    Our common language unites us as Americans. If you want to live in America and enjoy the privileges of being an American, learn to speak the American language which is English.

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